Watch online to United States TV stations thanks to IPTV

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TeleVision. As the name suggests, it is a television transmission process that uses the Internet to function (via IP which stands for Internet Protocol). To better understand this concept, which is relatively new to many people, it is useful to learn more about traditional transmission protocols (ie not using IPTV).

Generally, television channels use satellite or terrestrial transmission systems to broadcast programs. Thus, each subscriber with a TV, an antenna and a decoder can receive the signal at home via the satellite or microwave network.

IPTV Express ( servers are based abroad and are disk-free. No American authorities have authority there and we can promise you that your privacy is preserved. All traffic is encrypted and cannot be intercepted.

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KS Hosting ( is a completely new way of watching TV. You do not need an antenna, no satellite dish or any other form of equipment. All you need is an internet connection of at least 30mbit / s for you to get started. You can watch IPTV through one of our superb boxes, or you can connect your SmartTV, Computer, Tablet, etc. The possibilities are endless

Ping IPTV ( have an uptime of 98.0%. This means that 98.0% of the time, all the channels work excellently. Sometimes some channels can be shut down for shorter periods due to upgrades or frequency changes. Since this service is a service that is banned in the USA, and the rest of the EU, it is necessary to charge with Bitcoins. First and foremost because no VISA / Mastercard payment gateway agrees to assist their service to charge for this type of product. The second is that you as customers should be able to feel confident that no one knows what you paid for, or that you have even paid something. When you buy Bitcoins according to the steps below, you exchange American kronor for Bitcoins. After this, what you do with your bitcoins, is impossible to track.

To make it even more secure for you, we have implemented SSL Encryption on our website so that the traffic between you and our website can not be sniffed or eavesdropped on. Clever huh? You can validate our certificate to check that the encryption is secure, approved and that nothing with us is in the USA by clicking here

With Bomba TV ( Safety is a priority, Diskless servers (nothing stored), Anonymous ip tracks (all ip addresses are converted to anonymous), No need for VPN from customer, IP Addresses, Data, Logs, Payment Information are not stored, Encrypted secure mail accounts, Database is emptied automatically every 15 minutes.